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garden adventures for chickens

this past weekend was all about hanging out with our new chickens and working in the garden. we let the girls out of their run to explore the rest of their new home and they seemed to have a great … Continue reading

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catch-up garden post

okay, so march and april were pretty busy months. i was out of town off and on for several weeks and it’s been hard to keep up with the blogging about all the work we’ve done in the garden. but … Continue reading

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introducing the newest members of chez farm – chickens!

last weekend, our dreams of chickens on chez farm finally came home to roost. (sorry, i just could not resist). we decided to go with the coop and chicken package provided by victory chicken co. they bring the coop, the … Continue reading

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planning for spring

the other night, i started planning for spring planting at chez farm. mostly, we have enough seeds from last year’s seed order to carry us through but i ordered a few that we used up last year, plus a few … Continue reading

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sad lessons in beekeeping

sadly, chez farm’s bees died suddenly a week or so ago. i’m not exactly sure why – probably a varroa mite infestation, maybe tracheal mites or nosema. looking back on my first summer of beekeeping, i realize that this was … Continue reading

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urban farming in philadelphia, or where the hell have i been lately? part one

reason the first why i haven’t been posting lately: work has been kicking my ass. in addition to my usual work in my civil rights attorney day job, i spent a week in philadelphia in early november at a trial … Continue reading

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summer successes and failures

now that labor day has passed and summer is technically over, it’s a good time to review the summer’s work and discuss what worked and what didn’t this year. we made huge strides in the infrastructure of the garden this … Continue reading

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