introducing the newest members of chez farm – chickens!

last weekend, our dreams of chickens on chez farm finally came home to roost. (sorry, i just could not resist). we decided to go with the coop and chicken package provided by victory chicken co.
they bring the coop, the chickens, starter bags of food, hay, wood chips, all you need for basic chicken-husbandry – easy-peasy.

we did have to prepare the space where the coop would go.


and here we are!


that’s veronica in the run, there. she’s a barred rock hen, about eight months old and already laying lovely brown eggs for us. the other two aren’t visible (they’re inside the coop in this picture) and their names are estelle and nedra. they’re easter egger hens, who lay blue-green eggs. they’re a little more timid and haven’t quite got used to their new surroundings yet. and they’re very camera-shy.

in case you haven’t guessed, veronica, nedra and estelle are named after the ronettes. (oh come on, try and think of better names for chickens than the members of a motown girl group). all three of them are ridiculous and adorable and i’m completely in love with them already. and they’re great layers – we now have nine eggs from hens we’ve only had for six days (plus the one i ate this morning).


see? shy.

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4 Responses to introducing the newest members of chez farm – chickens!

  1. Seasonsgirl says:

    We have 10 hens and love them I bet you will too. They are addicting you just want more and more.

  2. cubbyholes says:

    Grats on your new family members! Fresh eggs are wonderful. We had ducks at my mom’s house and fresh duck eggs are sooooo yummy.

  3. Mom says:

    That’s so cool!

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