chicken dreams

chickens are also on the agenda this spring! adding laying hens to our food-growing, bee-keeping, angora-rabbit-raising setup will make this feel like a real urban farm. but because we’re still a pair of over-achieving yuppies with delusions of a mid-century modern design aesthetic (and because we have neighbors who can see into our backyard), we’re not content to throw together some scrap wood and chicken wire into some kind of ghetto coop.

you know, there are some fantastic coop designs out there, along with amazingly talented people who designed and built them. our favorite is this one that was profiled in dwell magazine. that bit of green you can see peeking up along the roof top? that there, is a green roof. on a chicken coop. made of reclaimed cedar siding, fer pete’s sake.

Modern Chicken Coop by Mitchell Snyder in Dwell Magazine

this one is pretty great too. i love the lanterns outside the front door.

stylish chicken coop from the art of doing stuff

but as enterprising as we are, we’re sort of overwhelmed by the prospect of designing and building a chicken coop that can live up to these models (also, that second one is way too big for the three chickens (max) we’re going to have). it’s not that we couldn’t do it if we put our minds to it, it’s really more that we’d maybe rather pay someone else to do it for us so we can skip straight to the enjoying-the-chickens-in-their-fancy-already-built-home part.

and THEN, i found out that there is a brooklyn company that provides all-in-one chicken services to aspiring new york city chicken-keepers – victory chicken co. i think we’re going to go with the rosie package: a simple and modern coop sized just right for the three young hens almost ready to start laying that they also provide, and a two-month supply of chicken feed, hay, and wood shavings to keep the girls fed, clean and happy. best part – they build and install the coop, so we really can skip straight to the aforementioned enjoying-our-new-chickens part.

we’re gonna get the teal version.

farm on!

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2 Responses to chicken dreams

  1. Hey! The second coop (which happens to be mine) isn’t too big for 3 chickens. Trust me! I have 4 chickens and they fit just comfortably. The coop where they sleep is about 3 1/2′ x 3 1/2 ‘. The rest is run. If you have chickens you’re best to have a place they can run and be safe and not rip apart your backyard. The biggest mistake I (and every urban chicken farmer before me) made was to let the chickens have the run of the entire backyard. They make a mess, they poo everywhere, they eat EVERY single plant you have and they’re kind of bossy. So … if you possibly can, you should do something like what I’ve done, where you have your coop and a raccoon proof run attached. 🙂 ~ karen!

    • muffinista says:

      thanks for the comment! the measurements are very helpful – i think the height of the structure makes it look much bigger in pictures. we’ll totally have a secure run. probably not person-height but definitely something they can stretch and run in without tearing up the whole backyard. we’re going to try letting them out in the yard sometimes when we’re home (ah, glorious fantasies of puttering around the garden with my pet chickens scratching and pecking around me 🙂 but they’ll be under close supervision and the minute they start going after the people plants and terrorizing the bunny, back in the run they go!

      although, now that i reflect on what little experience i’ve had herding chickens away from where they want to be….hmmm….

      anyway, your coop is really fantastic. and i adore your ‘WILL THEY EAT IT?’ videos.

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