planning for spring

the other night, i started planning for spring planting at chez farm.

planning the garden

mostly, we have enough seeds from last year’s seed order to carry us through but i ordered a few that we used up last year, plus a few new varieties. as discussed at the end of last season, the greens, purple bush beans, pole beans, purple carrots and amish paste tomatoes are definite keepers. the beets and the cucumbers have one more season to shape up and be productive or they’re getting shipped out.

since we’re focusing this year on the things we apparently grow best, we’re adding to the greens quotient: collards, radicchio, and a new spinach variety. we’re keeping the amish paste tomatoes, trying two new varieties (hungarian heart and mexico midget) and giving them a bit more space than last year. we’re also going to try again with peppers – a chocolate bell pepper, another sweet pepper named tolli’s sweet, and another crack at the ancho gigantea. here’s the new plan for the veg garden plots – you can see a more extensive version of it here:

mother earth vegetable garden planner

i also bought something new and crazy exciting yesterday – columnar apple trees! these are dwarf apple trees that grow in a tall, narrow column and produce fruit on very short branches along the trunk. they’re perfect for small gardens – they can be planted as close together as two feet OR in containers! how exciting is that – apple trees in pots in our brooklyn garden! apparently, you can’t just buy one apple tree, because they need at least one different variety friend to cross-pollinate. so, we bought one green sentinel, which will produce green apples (natch) and one scarlet sentinel, with greenish-yellow apples blushed with red. we ordered them from raintree nursery and i can’t tell you how excited i am for them to be shipped.

columnar green apple tree from Raintree Nursery

columnar apple tree from Raintree Nursery

we also ordered a new blueberry bush and some lingonberries to try in the shadier parts of the garden. i can’t wait for spring!

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