have day job, still trying to farm

hello there, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? sigh. between the holidays and my day job, there just aren’t enough hours in the day (or evenings) to do all the things i’d like to do. i bet you know exactly what i mean.

but it’s a new year and time for new resolutions, right? farmer woob and i did our annual new year’s eve tradition of going out for an early dinner and making our resolutions, then going to bed early. you’ll see some of the chez farm-related ones come to fruition here, i hope – improving our garden infrastructure, starting fresh with a new colony of honeybees, adding chickens to the farm (!!)

in the meantime, i’m trying to get more organized and be more productive in the time i do have. yesterday, i managed to winnow my work email inbox down to four messages (four!). i’ve got a better system for tracking tasks, i’m working on prioritizing and planning out all my projects in more concrete, manageable steps, and i spent an evening this week sketching out the beginnings of a plan for more and better blog posts.

its’a work in progress, but here’s some link-love for the people and products i’ve been playing around with lately:

  • sister diane reposted on twitter recently her craftypod episode#119 on planning blog posts – very helpful, especially the links in her show notes.
  • dave navarro, who used to run a site called “The Launch Coach” has a workshop on “Becoming Incredibly Productive,” which has some great strategies for getting all the things i need to do out of my head and into to a system for storing, sorting, and prioritizing that keeps things from falling through the cracks. i wouldn’t say i’m “incredibly” productive yet (as witnessed by the inexcusable gap between this post and the one before it), but i’m hoping to get much better soon.
  • i finally bought a software program i’ve been eyeing for a long time – circus ponies notebook. it’s a note taking and organizing program for mac and ipad and it’s my new best friend. my only regret is that i didn’t pony up the money for it ages ago (ha!)
  • i also use evernote quite a lot to keep track of pretty much everything – interesting websites, articles, documents, receipts, notes, anything i hear, see or think about and don’t want to forget. i love that it’s integrated with twitter and safari so it’s easy to send things i come across straight to evernote to keep track of. i have evernote on my mac, my iphone, my ipad, and it’s accessible by web too. best of all – a basic account is free!

what are your favorite productivity tools or tips?

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2 Responses to have day job, still trying to farm

  1. cubbyholes says:

    I love my postit notes. They are plastered everywhere with reminders to do this or do that. Beyond that I really don’t have that much that needs to be scheduled other than dr. appts and such.
    I am, however, working on spending less time gaming on my computer and more time getting other things done. I’m a gamer at heart, but I miss some of the things I used to do more of; knitting, cooking, etc. So now I’m knitting my heart out, cooking more, and looking forward to more gardening this year. Here’s to trying!

    • muffinista says:

      i love a rainbow of post-it notes but boy howdy, would things fall through the cracks if i used them to keep track of all my tasks! here’ to more knitting, more cooking, more gardening and just enough gaming to keep you happy! 🙂

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