bread challenge, weeks four and five

despite the lack of posting, i have been sticking with my #breadchallenge. the last couple weeks have been busy and hard, for reasons i won’t get into here, but baking actually helps, and no one’s more surprised about that than me.

week four: i stuck with the same recipe as used in week three, although i did add a bit more flour and forgot the sesame seeds.

i also made clementine and lemon marmalade, based on the navel orange and lemon marmalade recipe in my favorite canning book: canning for a new generation, by liana krissoff. the three pound bag of clementines i bought, along with two lemons, made just a hair over three 8oz. jars of marmalade. and kept me somewhat pleasurably occupied in the kitchen for about three hours of an otherwise terribly hard day, so i consider it an overall success.

i gave one jar to a friend for christmas but we still have two jars left and marmalade is an obviously perfect complement to my bread-baking.

for week five of the bread challenge, i switched back to the oatmeal bread i made in week one. i remembered the salt this time and used honey instead of molasses. possibly the best loaf yet.


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3 Responses to bread challenge, weeks four and five

  1. Fran says:

    Just popped over from JMF and read some of your recent posts. So sorry to hear about your bees. I started keeping bees Spring 2010, started with one hive the first year and ended this summer with 4 and a small swarm in a nuc. I lost one (formerly very strong) hive 4-5 weeks ago and just lost the other 3 full sized hives, rather discovered the loss of the hives this weekend. The only one still going is the swarm in the nuc. As far as getting bees from the south this year, so far we have had a really warm winter… This time get two hives. As a 25+ year beekeeper and state inspector says you need two so you can “stare and compare.” Good luck!!

    • muffinista says:

      thanks for stopping by, fran! i’m glad to hear southern weather is better this year. i’d love to have a second hive for comparison but i’m not sure we really have the room for two. hopefully, this year we’ll have better luck with the bees.

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