urban farming in philadelphia, or where the hell have i been lately? part one

reason the first why i haven’t been posting lately: work has been kicking my ass. in addition to my usual work in my civil rights attorney day job, i spent a week in philadelphia in early november at a trial advocacy skills conference. the conference was a crapton of work: five days of learning-by-doing sessions practicing the various components of trial work and then a full mock jury trial put on before real volunteer jurors. it was as intense as a real trial, in that it took all my days to do the work and then all my evenings to prepare for the next day’s work, but it was an incredibly valuable experience and i learned a lot.

all this has little to do with chez farm except that (1) it partly explains where the hell i’ve been lately; and (2) while i was in philadelphia, i discovered the marathon grill. good food, charming restaurants, a commitment to buying from local farms…i ate there three times for dinner and once for lunch. they also recently started an urban farm in philly and the restaurant buys some of its produce from the farm.

new york city has a number of farm-to-table restaurants and brooklyn has a thriving urban farm movement, with eagle street rooftop farmbrooklyn grange farm and added value‘s red hook community farm selling produce to local restaurants and residents. so, it was exciting to spend the week in philadelphia and see a similar initiative visible right in center city. thanks, marathon grill, for feeding me while i was away from home. the next time i visit philadelphia, i’m visiting your farm!

farm on!

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