bread challenge, week one

i’m starting late but i’m taking up meg paska’s #breadchallenge. meg keeps bees, chickens and rabbits in brooklyn and blogs about her homesteading and urban farming adventures at

she posted recently about challenging herself (and her readers) to baking a loaf of bread every week all winter long. i’m already a week behind but yesterday, i baked my first loaf of bread for the challenge. i’m no stranger to bread-baking – i love quick breads and have baked a fair number of yeast breads in the last couple years, ever since i discovered the artisan bread in five minutes a day cookbook.

i like the ABin5 method, in that i love having dough available in the fridge so i can pull off a hunk for pizza dough, dinner rolls, or what-have-you, but yesterday, i decided to try the old-fashioned, hand-kneaded, let it rise, punch it down and let it rise again way. i used the oatmeal sandwich bread recipe from the good to the grain cookbook, by kim boyce.

i think i might be converted back to the good old-fashioned way. kneading the dough took  some getting used to at first, but i’m very pleased with the end result. it’s hard to argue with the ABin5 method for convenience but the breads i’ve made with it often turn out very dense. the oatmeal sandwich bread rose nicely the first time, was easy to shape for the second rise and had a nice final spring in the oven. it’s the most sandwich-y bread i’ve ever made. and pretty damn tasty too. i forgot the salt, which i vow to remember next time, and i could have let it bake another five minutes, but i’m very pleased with my first #breadchallenge attempt.

bread from good to the grain cookbook

thanks for starting this challenge, meg!

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