farm labors on this labor day weekend

today, i pulled the purple bean plants up, as well as all the squash and zucchini plants. and we harvested the purple carrots, which we’ll definitely grow again next year.

dragon purple carrotswe had already pulled the bolted lettuce several weeks ago and the last of the mustard greens. i added some compost to all the empty beds and we sowed a new round of seeds for fall crops.

vegetable planting chartwe sowed four plots worth of peas, more lettuces and mustard greens, a few more plots of beets, and more purple carrots. we sowed seeds for the strawberry spinach that didn’t take off in the spring, in the hopes that the cooler fall weather will allow it to actually grow. we also sowed some cilantro, which we’ve also tried before and haven’t yet had any success.

the peas and beets are a bit of a risk, since i’m not sure if we have enough time before the first killing frost for them to mature. if nothing else, we’ll have beet greens for sauteing and pea shoots for salads. the carrots may not fully mature either, but if not, we’ll just have baby carrots and lucius will have lots of carrot greens to eat.

the pole beans and tomatoes in the back of the garden are still going gangbusters. in fact, the garden plot grid up there is deceptive – the tomatoes have grown so much, they completely shade the now-empty plots in front of them. we sowed a few spinach seeds underneath the tomato vines, just to see if they’ll grow better or worse in the partial shade. the cucumbers are on their last legs, so we’ll probably pull those in a couple weeks and plant up something else.

the full garden plan on the mother earth news vegetable garden planner site can be seen here. next post, i’ll talk a bit about this season’s successful and less successful crops.

farm on!

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