battening down the hatches

chezfarm is as ready for hurricane irene as we’ll ever be. farmer woob is on vacation in nantucket, which is nice for her (until the hurricane hits there, too) but leaves this farmer muffin alone and a little nervous.

the farmhouse is uphill from the east river and just outside evacuation zone b. hopefully, we won’t have any major flood problems but i am worried about the wind. i’ve stacked and secured the outdoor equipment and furniture as best i could and put some extra weight on the lid of beehive. i fear the wind will demolish the vegetable garden but there’s very little i can do to protect the plants at this point.

i brought lucius inside the house, of course, which was quite a production. the farm cats haven’t really met the bunny before and i was a little nervous about how it would go. surprisingly, everything was basically fine. i set up LB’s exercise pen with his cage inside, so that the cats can’t come right up to his cage and stress him out. the cats crept up and gave him a little bit of the stink-eye, but there wasn’t any hissing and they haven’t tried to launch themselves over the pen.

cat and bunny checking each other out

miss poodle checking out her temporary housemate

i’ve got plenty of groceries and some bottled water, just in case. the rains have started and for the rest of the weekend, i’ll be watching a lot of trashy tv on netflix to distract me from the dire warnings on the radio and NYT website, which are only increasing my anxiety. stay safe, everyone.

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2 Responses to battening down the hatches

  1. mom says:

    i was wondering what you were gonna do up there. hope there’s some produce left after the storm. it’s a shame to put all that effort into it and then lose it all at once.

    stay dry

  2. I hope that you and the critters stay safe and dry! I’m solo this week too, which was kind of a bummer, but what can you do, really? Hoping that it won’t be too bad up hear near Boston.

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