the felt factory is back in business

after a several month hiatus, i’m back at the felting. i cannot explain why it seems like more fun to work with hot water and wool in the summer than in the dead of winter, or even early spring, but that seems to be the way of things around here.

i love felt. it’s such a fantastic fabric. and very versatile:




i’ve been working on a large felt project for months now: a large rug for our living room. we have a huge oatmeal colored sisal rug in the living room already, but the idea is to have a more colorful, smaller rug on top, which will be softer and hopefully ‘really tie the room together,’ if you’ll pardon the big lebowski quote.

anyway, here’s the color palette for the rug. (you can see the oatmeal rug in the background, kind of like it will be in the end result.)


wet felting is hard work. and, while it’s kind of magical to watch tufts of wool turn into sturdy fabric, the process is long, and not terribly exciting. faster than knitting, surely, but less meditative and more physical labor. still, it’s totally worth it.

i’ll spare you the ‘in progress’ photos, since it’s not that exciting a process, but here’s a shot of the rug that started it all – my very first wet felting project, a wee bedside rug felted from my 2009 cormo/mohair blend fiber share from juniper moon farm:


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