bunny shearing

after several terribly hot and humid days, spent ferrying ice and frozen water bottles out to lucius several times a day, in an effort to keep the poor bun cool, i finally relented and cut all his gorgeous fiber off.

angora bunny before shearing

before shearing

angora bunny after shearing

after shearing

poor baby – isn’t that the most pathetic thing you’ve ever seen? he’s so tiny underneath all that fluff! he was a good boy during the shearing – i did it with scissors and over a couple days to reduce the stress of me trying to get him into convenient shearing positions. i know, it feels like a crime, butchering that beautiful coat, but let me tell you – it’s easier to shear a sheep close to the skin than it is to cut off angora fluff with scissors in any way that’s not a complete hatchet job.

LB is much happier now, though, and back to his usual perky self. he wanted me to get a pic of his other side too, please.

angora bunny after shearing - other side

ready for my close-up!

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3 Responses to bunny shearing

  1. HappilyEverOnward says:

    Dear Lucius,
    Love the new ‘do. It reminds me of a baby swan. Except for the ears.
    Stay cool! 😛

  2. muffinista says:

    is that just another way of saying LB looks like the ugly duckling??

  3. HappilyEverOnward says:

    not at all. just grey and tufty. which is a new word I just made up. besides, the ears would totally give him away if he was trying to be a duck!

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