working the bees

a few weeks ago, i added a second hive body to the beehive. the girls had started building comb up into the hive-top feeder, so they obviously needed more space. they’ve been doing a pretty good job, so far as this novice beekeeper can tell. they’ve built comb in at least six frames and have started the seventh. apparently there’s something called the 7/10 rule, which means that you add a new hive body once the bees have filled seven out of ten frames in their current one. i may have jumped the gun a bit, but i knew i wouldn’t have time to do another hive check for a few weeks, and i didn’t want them to grow out of the first hive body before i got back to them. i did shift the frames around a bit, to encourage the girls to draw out the remaining frames in the first hive body.

i had all the hive components mostly put together, so all i had to do was put the wax foundation into ten more frames and the frames into a new medium super and stick them on top the first hive body.

inserting wax foundation into hive frames

farmer woob took some photos while i was working the bees.

hive check 1hive check 2closeup of honeybee framei’m really proud of the bees – and us as novice beekeepers. our neighbors seems intrigued, rather than terrified, which is a big relief. i’m still not completely sure what i’m doing, but it seems i haven’t irreparably fucked anything up, yet. and no one’s gotten stung yet, either!

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