first fiber, redux

i’ve only just started working with the luscious fiber from lucius, my new french angora bunny. most of the prime fiber is still in a brown paper bag and the thought of touching it at all in this heat is pretty much unbearable. but a few weeks ago (on a much cooler and rainy day) i spun up a bit of his first clip, straight from the plucking, with no processing at all.

fiber spun from black french angora bunnyit’s amazingly soft. the barber-poling effect is due to the color of the locks – they’re gray at the tips and bright white at the ends. i’ve seen a sample of fiber from lucius’s sire, who is also a black, and his adult fiber is more consistently gray. lucius is still quite young – only four months old – i wonder if the color of his fiber will change as he gets older.

i also hand-carded some of the less prime fiber with some shetland locks i have that are a similar color to LB’s fiber – at a ratio of approximately 10% angora, i think. the mini-batts look nice and fluffy.

hand-carded shetland angora fiberi started spinning them up and on the spindle, the yarn still feels fairly crisp from the shetland guard hairs, but i’m excited to see how it knits up. if i ever have the desire to knit or touch any fiber again.

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One Response to first fiber, redux

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I like the stripeing effect. Bunnicula has lovely hair.

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