hot and cranky, but with vegetables

this past week and weekend have been brutal. it began with temps in the 90s and ended with temps over 100, with heat index of 113 on friday. LB is hot and cranky, the farmers are hot and cranky and the farm cats are not happy either.

the heat is a partial explanation for why i’ve been lax in posting lately. when i’m not ferrying frozen bottles and ice cubes out to lucius, so he can get some relief, and trying not to melt myself during the mile i walk everyday to and from the subway stop to work, i’m too damn tired to do anything but lay wilting on the couch directly underneath the ceiling fan, where at least the hot air circulates.

the other explanation is work. my day job has been keeping me pretty busy and again, after feeding and watering the livestock (bunny and farm cats) twice a day, i haven’t had the energy to do much besides watch old episodes of project runway on the internets and try to go to bed early.

we have been eating from the garden, though, when it hasn’t been too hot to cook. farmer woob (who does all the cooking on the farm) has made several meals this summer from the bounty of our garden – here’s a partial list:

  • a pasta dish we love with ricotta cheese, a bit of lemon zest, and lots of fresh-picked mustard greens (at least twice and we’ve got enough ricotta to do it again)
  • a green and white bean potato salad, made from these purple beans (they turn green when she cooks them), cannellini beans, and red potatoes, garnished with homegrown basil
  • a pasta dish with a tomato-basil sauce, more of the purple beans, and peas – the tomatoes were from the farmers’ market, since ours aren’t ripe yet, but the basil and peas were also from the garden
  • lots of salads with the mix of lettuces we’ve grown, and made even more hearty with the spicy mustard greens and some kale that seems to be doing pretty okay, despite the heat.

mustard greens, kale and lettuce in a raised bed


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