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working the bees

a few weeks ago, i added a second hive body to the beehive. the girls had started building comb up into the hive-top feeder, so they obviously needed more space. they’ve been doing a pretty good job, so far as … Continue reading

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first fiber, redux

i’ve only just started working with the luscious fiber from lucius, my new french angora bunny. most of the prime fiber is still in a brown paper bag and the thought of touching it at all in this heat is … Continue reading

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doing her job

and doing it well. if you look closely, you can see one of chez farm’s very own honey bees drinking nectar and pollinating one of chez farm’s cucumber blossoms.

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hot and cranky, but with vegetables

this past week and weekend have been brutal. it began with temps in the 90s and ended with temps over 100, with heat index of 113 on friday. LB is hot and cranky, the farmers are hot and cranky and … Continue reading

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they grow up so fast!

remember this post? seedlings! well, here’s what the vegetable garden looks like today: it’s from a different angle, but i think you get the idea – excellent progress and looking good! farm on!

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