first fiber

lucius black, a most precocious bunny, is blowing his first coat. he’s shedding worse than the farm cats (who shed A LOT, i tell you) and tufts of fiber come away in your hand when you pet him.

the fiber from french angoras is usually plucked when their coats naturally molt, although they can be clipped with scissors too. plucking is tedious and slow and LB doesn’t love me fussing over his coat for long periods of time, so we’ve been going slowly. i pinch a small bit of fluff at the tip and gently tug until a lock comes free. over the last few days, i’ve plucked most of the fiber from his back, leaving a ring of long fiber around his sides, kind of like a monk’s haircut.

the plucking doesn’t hurt him, but i imagine it’s a little annoying to have someone tugging on your fur all the time. so, we do it in short spurts. at the rate we’re going, maybe we’ll be done by the time he blows his next coat.

you can see in this shot the difference between his old coat (the longer grey locks) and the new coat (the short black hairs):

i’m so excited about the first fiber harvest from my first fiber animal!

and here’s a gratuitous cute-bunny-face shot:

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