westward ho!

the farmers are taking a wee break this weekend and heading to fort worth, texas. farmer woob’s best friend is getting married there and we’ll be toasting him and his lovely bride and their wedded bliss.

in a brief farm update: most seedlings are doing well. i ate the first ripe strawberry from our new strawberry transplants the other day. i worry a little about the garden this weekend – i didn’t have time to water before we left and i don’t think it’s going to rain this weekend. it’s kind of a bummer that we’ll be in texas where it’s in the 90’s this weekend instead of home, where it’ll be in the mid-70’s, but everything’s hotter in texas, right?

and in bunny news: it looks like lucius might be starting to blow his first coat. it seems kind of early – he’s barely over three months old and the breeder seemed to think it would be another couple of months. but it would be even better if he blows it now, then he’ll be cooler during the humid new york summer.

he and i are going to have a serious grooming session when i get home and maybe, just maybe, i’ll have chez farm’s first homegrown fiber to play with!

gratuitous shot of bunny house in situ:


wish me a/c and cool breezes in texas this weekend, will you? i have to say i’m glad not to be an urban farmer in fort worth.

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