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first fiber

lucius black, a most precocious bunny, is blowing his first coat. he’s shedding worse than the farm cats (who shed A LOT, i tell you) and tufts of fiber come away in your hand when you pet him. the fiber … Continue reading

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we checked on the bees this weekend and they seem to be doing just fine. they’re building comb, the queen is laying brood, and the bee population has definitely increased. i even saw some nectar in the process of being … Continue reading

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lots of things are going well this weekend on chez farm: we checked on the bees and they’re humming along nicely; i harvested some of lucius’ first fiber; and most of the plants are doing really well. i’ll post more … Continue reading

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westward ho!

the farmers are taking a wee break this weekend and heading to fort worth, texas. farmer woob’s best friend is getting married there and we’ll be toasting him and his lovely bride and their wedded bliss. in a brief farm … Continue reading

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