weekend farmers

pics tomorrow, but this is what farmer woob and i have accomplished so far this weekend:

-i painted the first two coats on the bunny house
-we bought new soil and soil amendments for the remaining two raised beds in the garden
-we transplanted several strawberry plants and a blueberry bush given to us by a neighbor
-farmer woob reseeded the carrots, beets and swiss chard that had been dug up by those cock-sucking squirrels
-we planted calendula, chamomile, sunflower, and scarlet runner bean seeds
-we transplanted a rosemary bush seedling that farmer woob bought at the union square farmers market yesterday
-we set up some tomato cages and trellising for the beans and cucumber seedlings
-farmer woob laid out some pavers to serve as stepping stones in the veg garden aisles and we put down red mulch in between the pavers
-we drank beer and ate sour cream & onion chips and ice cream as a reward for all our hard work.

we also bought a grill and i swept the porch clear of all the molding leaves that have been decaying all over the pavement this spring. we still have a lot of work to do to furnish the patio and make it cozy to sit on in the evenings, but there’s still one more day of this long weekend.

farmer woob is dozing with her head in my lap right now and even the farm cats seem exhausted by all our hard work. i think it’s past time for a shower and bed.

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4 Responses to weekend farmers

  1. Sounds like a delightful, if exhausting weekend.

  2. WoolyMama says:

    Hooray! Good work farmers!

  3. shecrochets says:

    Sounds like an ideal day. You’ll have the patio ship-shape in no time! Today is my day to follow in your footsteps-front flowerbed & deck pots today. Garden next week.

  4. muffinista says:

    thanks, y’all. it’s nice to have such lovely cheerleaders!

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