introducing lucius black

so, you’re a knitter or spinner and you find yourself wanting to get closer to the fiber you use. it’s not enough to buy roving from indie dyers or whole fleeces from fiber festivals, is it? (to anyone reading this who’s not a knitter or spinner, um, yeah, i’m just not going to be able to explain this so i won’t even try). you start thinking about sheep and goats, alpacas and llamas, and how much room do a couple of icelandics really take up, anyway?

but you live in the city, in an apartment or condo and after checking your city’s agricultural rules, you realize that sadly, sheep and goats are illegal. what’s a would-be shepherdess to do? of course, you can befriend your favorite fiber CSA shepherd, like shepherdsusie of juniper moon farm. but if only there was a fiber animal you can keep in a city-sized backyard or a corner of your apartment!

hey wait, there is – enter lucius black, my new fiber animal! he’s a french angora rabbit that came to me thanks to the generosity of deb clemens and juniper moon farm’s recent giveaway.

lucius is a little over three months old and he’s already taken to his new home like a champ. deb and i met up at JMF’s shearing day celebration for the bunny hand-off and i have to say, lucius is a much better traveler than my cats. okay, he did poop in his carrier, but at least he didn’t yowl the entire car ride home.

he’s going to be an outdoor bunny, because of the farm cats, who are too crotchety and set in their ways to adjust to a new sibling. but he’ll be completely fine outside – he’s got a nice sturdy cage and with all that wool, angora rabbits can live happily outside at quite low temperatures. the heat and humidity of summer is the bigger problem, but he’s in a cooler, shady spot in the garden and we’ll figure out ways to keep him from getting too overheated.

i’m so excited about harvesting fiber from my very own fiber animal! it’s one step closer to having the sheep i’ve been dreaming off. lucius and i have already had a couple grooming sessions (he’s very cooperative) and i can’t wait to pluck the wool from the first time he blows his coat. stay tuned for further updates of the new fiber arm of chez farm!

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5 Responses to introducing lucius black

  1. Lesley Marie says:

    lovely lovely lovely!
    I’ve had bunnies my entire life, but haven’t branched into the angoras (I’m trying so so hard not to take up spinning). You’re going to love having a bunny pet!
    Just a little recommendation, place either an old piece of carpet or a board on the floor to give him a little place to rest his little toes- the wire mesh can cause pressure sores in some bunnies. Old carpet can be thrown in the wash if it gets dirty, or wood can provide a fun chew toy. (If the carpet becomes a chew toy, switch to wood so he doesn’t ingest it).

    • muffinista says:

      thanks for the tip. many angora breeders i know use wire cage floors – the angora bunnies have more fur on their feet and don’t seem as susceptible to sore hocks as other breeds. lucius does have a wood block in the cage in case he wants to sit on it but so far, he seems more interested in just pushing it around and chewing on it and prefers to sit or lay on the wire. i’m keeping an eye on his feet, though.

  2. HappilyEverOnward says:

    Sooo. . .are you going to get a spinning wheel for all this bunny-yarn? Or just make friends with your local non-baby-stealing Rumpelstiltskin?

    p.s. tell lucius to watch out for the humidity–he’s already pretty fluffy!

    • muffinista says:

      ha! i have some spindles and someday will get a wheel but my very own rumpelstiltskin would be handy. no babies for him to steal here,, though, and he strikes me as not likely to work for free.

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