veg garden

here’s the schematic for chez farm’s vegetable and fruit garden, courtesy of mother earth news’ vegetable garden planner:

for more details about plants and plantings, you can check out the full plan here.

there are already some adjustments that need to be made. squirrels, those cock-sucking bastards, have gotten to the strawberry spinach, which i was so excited about, and the seeds have not sprouted at all. but i think it’s too late to resow spinach now – we’re already getting some 80 degree days and may isn’t quite over yet. so, we’ll replant some herbs in the spinach sections and try again with the spinach in the fall. as for the squirrels – farmer woob is threatening to get a gun and shoot those motherfuckers, so they better watch out.

almost everything else in the vegetable plots is doing pretty well so far, the tomatoes, basil and peppers were transplants and they’re really taking off. we need to resow some carrots and a few of the beets – again with the cock-sucking squirrels – but i’m just going to call that succession planting  and get over it.

the fruit section still needs work. we have some strawberry plants we can transplant but we want more, and we need to transplant the blueberry bush we acquired from our neighbor into the designated spot. that’s on tap for memorial day weekend. and you can see that we still have some empty spots, which we’ll probably fill with herbs and/or flowers.

but the produce garden is off to a very promising start.

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