quick update

you know how it is when you want to share your urban farming adventures with everyone but you’re too busy actually doing the work to blog about it? no? well, there are worse problems to have, i suppose.

the old blog went on hiatus over the winter, but that doesn’t mean this urban farming family wasn’t working hard on planning for an expanded 2011 season. pictures of the new and improved space are long overdue but here’s a quick-and-dirty update to tide you over:


  • the vegetable plots have been expanded and new raised beds built. we’re trying the square foot gardening method this year to maximize space and see if we can increase yield.
  • we’ve got two 4 ft x 4 ft raised beds and two beds that are approximately 2 ft x 50 or 54 in. all planted up.
  • two more 3 ft x 4ft beds are awaiting soil and new plants.
  • we’ve planned out the veg gardens with mother earth’s garden planning app and i’ll post a screenshot of the plan soon. it’s a pretty great site – you can drag and drop your plants, move things around, keep track of companion planting options, and planting/harvesting times, and plan succession plantings or next years rotations to ensure consistent harvests and healthy soil in years to come.

flowers and herbs:

  • once all the raised beds are planted up, we’ll start planting herbs and flowers in the remaining spaces in the garden. we’ve got some leftover containers that can be repurposed and put into good use on the patio.
  • we splurged on some fragrant and/or night-blooming flowers to enjoy during the evening hours that are the only times we can spend in the garden during weekdays. i’ve always wanted to plant moonflowers and four o’clocks, so now’s my chance.


  • we have a beehive! and honeybees installed in it! the weather down south created major delays in getting the hive started and i’m a little worried about the ladies’ ability to get well established enough this summer to get through next winter, but there’s certainly going to be a lot of pollinating opportunities for them in our garden this summer.
  • last, but not least, farmer muffin’s dream of a flock of fiber animals is (sort of) coming to fruition. last weekend, she acquired a french angora bunny to add to the farm. he deserves his very own introductory post, but his name is lucius black and you’ll be seeing a lot of him around these parts. farmer woob is less than excited about him but she’s trying to be a good sport.

upcoming farm chores for this weekend:

  • build permanent shelter for lucius
  • add some pollen supplement to the beehive to give the ladies some of the pollen they missed out on by getting delivered so late in the season
  • buy a grill to kick off the summer cookout season

farm on!

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